Babies Quickly Understand Adults Anger

Recent studies says Babies understand the anger

The infants have the ability to read and distinguish negative expression which they see or receive from the adult. They prefer to stay away from such personality and prefer to remain safe.


We as grownup adult make quick judgement and decision in regard to the individual personality. If someone start argument with taxi driver or shout on servant or gatekeeper that means he or she has habit of conflict or argument.  Such personality are trying most of the time to proof they are right, which can’t be the case.

If we see a person with smiling face and pay respect and regards to others. Secondly also support / help people, we consider him or her as a kind and polite personality.

What has been overall generally observed, the ability to distinguish negative personalities or behaviors is more active than adjudging positive attitude. On this judgement ability and unconsciously we follow them as per the image we had formed in the mind. Accordingly we categorize and also observe the individual on these basis.

In this regard as we discussed above, now we will review below two studies.

Studies data on parents anger

This was conducted at Washington Institute for learning and brain science. They worked and evaluated 100 infants having the age of 15 months. These babies follow the same pattern and they form generalized opinion just like us for the people around them. It was also observed the infants are well aware of the adults who are having angry personality and they also demonstrate by their deeds.


In the research it has been observed the infants try to pacify or soothes or distance away from adults where they believe the adults are likely to be angry. In the research it was found by Repacholi and stated that babies will do what they understand best to refrain or avoid to be target of anger.  Further states the young infants at this age know how to be safe and keep away themselves from angry behavior

Repacholi termed this attitude of baby as an intelligent and smart response.  From this observation it showed that children are paying attention towards the adult emotional reactions and response. They know and worked out the strategy how to protect and safeguard themselves from angry behavior as well as teasing personality. Which we can also observe very easily in our surrounding while when we are with children and different adult personalities. This response is term by researchers as clever and adoptive response.

 Research results

From the above discussion we understand babies are paying close attention to the responses of adults especially when it is emotional response. This was explained further in study by Andrew Meltzoff in which states it is not only the adults that pigeonhole others, but babies are also commonly doing it too with much greater intensity and quicker than we understand.

Kids are adjudging other personalities even this may be the adults, they form and demonstrate snap judgement whether the persons that is adult having anger personality or not.


 Experiments to validate research data

 To validate their observation, they did the experiment. During the experiment they make infants to sit in their parent laps and across child sat the demonstrator, whose assigned job was how to play with toys, and the emoter was assigned to speak about the toy with soft and neutral voice or either to speak in harsh or strict voice. It was observed the babies were less incline to play with toys that link with emotor having harsh voice, later when they were provided chance to play. This means child avoided to play with those toys associated with harsh and anger voice.


Article written by Mahmood Hussain for Baby First Pakistan


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