Child Growth & Development from year one to three

Baby development stages 1-3 years 

Child Growth & Development from year onr to three.

By Mahmood Hussain 20 July 2017 for Baby First Pakistan. This is regarding Baby growth and development. This is the third article/blog in term of baby development stages. Two already published and available on website.

The foremost and more important is to follow few things such as.

Vaccination: Timely vaccination of baby as per recommendation by WHO, CDC and your baby doctor / hospital.  

Breast Feeding till the time baby reaches age of 2 years. Baby should be fed on mother breast milk as much as possible. Mother milk is the best source of nutrition, hygienic and its also provide natural immunity.

Water: After attaining age of 6 month, he or she should be given clean and hygienic water for their thirst and daily body requirement. Drinking water is essential for healthy growth and development for all of us.

Healthy food to be given to the baby after they surpass their age of 6 month. This is very much needed for baby mental and physical growth development as per their life cycle.

Chart represent Baby Boy & Girl age along with their weight & height from year 1- 3.  

Baby age ParameterBoyGirl
12 months (one year)Weight


19.8 -22.9 pounds

29.2-30.5 inches

18.2-21.4 pounds

28.5-29.8 inches

15 monthsWeight


21.2- 24.5 pounds

30.5-31.8 inches

19.5-23.0 pounds

29.9-31.2 inches

18 monthsWeight


22.4-26.0 pounds

31.7-33.1 inches

20.8-24.5 pounds

31.0-32.5 inches

21 monthsWeight


23.6-27.5 pounds

32.7-34.3 inches

22.0-26.0 pounds

32.1-33.8 inches

24 months (2 year)Weight


24.8-28.9 pounds

33.8-35.4 inches

23.3-27.5 pounds

33.2-34.9 inches

27 monthsWeight


27.0-31.2 pounds

34.1-36.1 inches

25.8-30.0 pounds

33.7-35.6 inches

30 monthsWeight


27.8-32.2 pounds

35.0-37.0 inches

26.7-31.1 pounds

34.6-36.6 inches

33 monthsWeight



35.8-37.8 inches

27.6-32.3 pounds

35.4-37.4 inches

36 months (3 years)Weight




28.4-33.4 pounds

36,0-38.1 inches

In previous two articles I have covered baby development and growth from day of birth till they attain their first birthday.

During entire process of child development, it is very pleasing and exciting for parent. when they see their child communicate in shape of babble or use language to express. This start from 8 or 9 months till the age of 3 years period. The whole processes of communication progress is in piecemeal. When child reaches their first birthday they will be able to speak two to three understandable words.

By the time baby reaches age of three years they will be able to speak two to three sentences.

Milestones from 2-3 years child.

In their toddler years child become more creative and gain confidence. When they reach age of 2 years they are:

Start to wear dress themselves or undress.

They learn to say “No” to adult and when to play with you. .

They enjoy playing with other kids.

They become aware they are boy or girl.

They are capable to demonstrate their preference for food, toys and activities.

Also observe rapid mood swings.

Regarding development of physical skills as well as coordination will develop with the progressing age and these will develop rapidly. They learn the skills such as how to walk safely, hold goods such as pencil and how to scribble on paper or wall, learn to kick the ball, roll out of bed or chair and learn to climb the stairs.

There are no fix guidelines please remember, each child grows at their pace. As a parent, no need to worry that your baby has not reached few milestones which other baby has achieved of the same age group. Please understand baby development cycle is full of journey and it is not in comparison with another child. Each child has its own pace / cycle and they develop skills accordingly.

If certain define function at a given time frame are not achieve by baby, than kindly consult the child physician and discuss with him or her at length and share your observation. Follow the doctor advice and guidelines.

Now we will take one by one the stages of baby growth and development;

First age of 18 months.

Baby will be walking on their feet slightly apart.

They will be climbing on bed or chair or stairs.

They will be walking and avoiding corners or obstacles which come into their way.

They will start speaking few recognizable words which means few understandable words. Also repeat the last few words which they hear.

At this stage, they will like and prefer to be more independent and do things at their own.

At this stage of 18 months baby will prefer to play independently but they like to be close to parent or adult people.

Baby will show their personality character or qualities such as they get frustrated easily and this may reflect in temper tantrums. Which means it reflect in unpleasant, upsetting behaviors or emotional crying. This may happen in response to their unmet needs, requirements or wishes.

Baby is 2 years old.

Babies learn to walk upstairs and come down ward also. At this stage baby squat and they also know to stand without support of hand. They are ready to ball, or swing their arm and kick the football or ball.

They are now able speak numerous known words which they learned and understand the word. Speak and repeat words such as A to Z alphabet and tell you what each word stands for such as A for Apple, B for ball, C for cat, D for dog and so on. Same applies for counting from 1-15, and baby also recognize color as well as pronounce it.

At this stage of life cycle child prefer and insist on eating their food themselves with spoon or hand and like to drink water themselves from bottle or glass.

They also learn to sing few basic nursey rhymes.

At this stage, they like to be independent side by side well still they need their parent in surround and seek their attention continuously.

They learn to hold you tightly at the time of affection / love or in fear condition or when they feel fatigue.

Baby learn now how to develop imagination. They can reflect temper tantrum when they are frustrated.

Take baby out of home in the evening or suitable time during day to enjoy nature. Take them to the park, children play area and if possible to the swings, see saw or ladder climber for physical activities. If place having sand or mud please allow the child to play in it.

Please avoid to the maximum level to give or show them electronic communication gadgets such as mobile, tablet, laptop or Television for cartoon or nursery rhyme.

Baby normal behavior at the age of 3 years.

At this stage, they learn to balance themselves on one foot, able to climb stairs, also walk on tip toes.

They become very inquisitive and curious at this age of 3 years and they constantly ask questions.

They start identifying few pictures and name them. They learn to listen stories and able to tell the stories.

They learn how to wash their hands as well as dry it.

They start brushing their teeth under supervision of parents or care giver, they should watch baby not to swallow tooth paste if it is use for brushing. They need to teach them after proper brushing teeth child supposed to spit the tooth paste and rinse their mouth with water.

Baby is now able to identify their friends by their name.

Child is capable to speak sentences and express themselves, which is understood half of the time by us but we still enjoy and encourage child to speak up or repeat it.

Baby develop fears of darkness and animals which we teach them intentionally or unknowingly.  With the growing age, their temper tantrum is reduced to a certain extent.

Article written by Mahmood Hussain for Baby First Pakistan for social media such as website, facebook, linkedin, twitter etc.

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