In year 2017 Holy month of Ramzan will be observe in scorching summer in Pakistan.

By Mahmood Hussain for Baby First Pakistan social media and website www.babyfirst.com.pk

30th May 2017 This year also Holy month of Ramzan started from 28th May in Pakistan as well as in SARRC region.  Where as in most of the middle eastern country it started from 27th May 2017. Fasting will be mostly observe this year in extremely hot weather.

Fasting for long hour ranging between 15 to 17 hours in our region this year.  We all need to have healthy meals at Sehri or predawn meal to start fasting, which will keep and maintain our energy level for long fasting hour per day for 29 or 30 days.

Holy month of Ramzan is at our door step. We as Rozedar need to plan healthy and long hour sustainable meal especially at the time of Sehri that is predawn meal to initiate the fasting till sunset that is till Magreb prayer time.

We must also keep our self-hydrated.

Avoid unnecessary exposure to the sun and heat during the peak day time and especially while observing fast.


Below are few nutritious meals proposed in terms of healthy recipes for Sehri.


Oatmeal along with fruits and nuts.

The instant oatmeal packets are easily available and are also easy to prepare.  These are instant meal with nuts, chia seed and dried fruits with all needed nutritional and healthy value meal. This sehri meal may last for longer hour of the day,

It is easy to make, place needed quantity in bowl and pour warm water. It is ready to eat in less than five minutes.

Egg and paratha or roti or bread. Egg can be taken in many ways along with paratha or bread, it is nutritious and healthy filler. This can be cooked and taken in many ways, such as an omelette a dish made from beaten eggs fried with butter or oil, in a frying pan. It is quite common the omelette can be mix with items such as cheese, chives (green onion), Vegetables that is (onion, green chilies and tomatoes), meat (minced), or some combination of the above. Secondly egg can be taken as half fry along with bread or paratha in Sehri, These type of meal is quite common and favorite at time of sehr in our country Pakistan.

Fruit & oatmeal smoothie. Smoothie are healthy and refreshing meal and can be taken at Sehri.  This is referred as thick cold drink made from fruit of your choice along with yogurt, milk or ice cream, mixed together until it tends to be smooth. You can take along with oatmeal also. Now a day’s king of fruit that is mango season is on we can make smoothie along with this fruit. 

Yoghurt with roti or paratha. Yoghurt is also loved by people in Pakistan and consider as healthy, nourishing and nutritious. Plain yoghurt along with roti or paratha are taken as sehri meal. If possible take it without sugar, if you need to add sugar just add very little quantity to mask slightly bitter or sour taste of yoghurt.

You can also consume yoghurt as lassi which is very common and liked by people of Indo-Pakistan. Lassi is taken as either sweet or salty curd shake. It’s cool, healthy, nourishing and refreshing. Lassi is a shake made of yoghurt, milk, water, sugar or salt shaken vigorously than ice added to further cool it and ready to serve.

Scrambled eggs either with chicken or tomatoes along with onion and green chilies, this is commonly referred as Anda Ghotala.   انڈا گھوٹالہ

This can be taken as curry along with bread or paratha having savory taste of eggs. It is good to stop craving for food.

Shami kebab is also very commonly consumed during normal days as well as during Ramadan especially at Sehri.  Shaami kebab is popular local variety of kebab in the India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. This can be made of beef or minced chicken. These are prepared earlier and frozen for later use as instant food. It is instant or readily available to cook and eat alone or along with bread and ketchup. These are also garnished with lemon juice and raw onion along with chutney made of mint or coriander. 

French Toast: Easy and delicious recipe at time of Sehr and especially like by young and teenager age faster.  It is handy along with convenience.  The cooking direction of French toast ready to eat are:

  • Take a bowl and pour three to four eggs as per need / consumption and beat the egg and mix it vigorously.
  • Then add sugar and milk in the bowl, beat the mixture to mix all the ingredients in homogenous way.
  • Now dip the bread in prepare mixture and allow bread to soak the material.
  • Fry the dip bread in hot oil till it is turn into nice golden brown in color.
  • Now take it out and it is ready to serve as per hunger of individual.

Fresh Fruit Salad:

It is ideal for health and quality of life to take fruit salad which is balance diet.  This will be an excellent idea to take fruit salad at sehri time in Holy month of Ramadan and in normal days at breakfast. In this sizzling summer weather, the day time heat hamper and make us weary if our diet lacks vitamins and necessary nutrients. To cover up this need and remain hydrated during long fasting hour in the scorching summer, we need to eat small bowl of fruit salad at Sehrii  to keep energetic and hydrated most of the hour.

These above proposed healthy foods items are few of the list for Sehri, you may have to follow it or search for more healthy food.

Article written by Mahmood Hussain for Baby First Pakistan for social media such as website, facebook, linkedin, twitter etc.

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