First Trimester of Pregnancy: 1-12 weeks pregnant

The first trimester of pregnancy is from 1 to 12 week of pregnancy. The entire pregnancy period is of 3 trimester and they are term as first, second and third trimester. 1st and 2nd trimester comprises of 1-28 weeks.

Normally pregnancy period is over in shape of arrival of newborn (baby) from 37-40 (38) weeks, Pregnancy is of 9 lunar month.


As per doctors the first week of pregnancy is of great significance’s and mother has to exercise great cautious. During the first week the pregnancy is established. In this week you are getting familiar with pregnancy and the mother body is busy in initial stages of baby building.

While the mother by the time get used to being pregnant in first , second or third week, the body right now is busy building a baby inside the body!

Till the time mother realized she is pregnant it will be 5-7 week has passed.

In first trimester, during this entire period lots of things do happen. The fertilize egg start dividing rapidly into mother womb and growing process has started in this phase. Than the process of embryo formation and this is also term as baby development.

In the 1st trimester baby develop rapidly as compare to remaining two semesters that is 2nd and 3rd trimester.

Symptoms of early pregnancy in 1st trimester may felt and observed by missed periods, breasts tenderness, vomiting, nausea, frequency of urine increases, and increase in appetite (feeling hungry)


During entire period of first trimester, this period carries the highest risk of miscarriage that is natural abortion (in scientific term it is natural death of embryo or fetus).

With the initiation of pregnancy in 1st trimester your lifestyle and pattern needs to be change and modified to have healthy baby. As a mother you have to avoid certain food and medicine to have safe and healthy newborn.

Mother also need to cut off daily intake of caffeine it means reduce daily frequency of tea or coffee intake.

If you are smoker it is better to quit rather than reduce it. Also avoid pacific smoking move away from place if someone is smoking or ask him or her to light it off.

As a mother it is good to have rest when you can and go to bed early.

pregnancy-early-stages-first-trimesterBeside daily and hectic routine and responsibility, please try to take out some time daily for yourself every day to relax for few minute and think positive for yourself and baby.

Find time to read good novels and magazine for having positive impact on you and it will also be very good for baby mental and physical development.

In pregnancy if you are overweight and your BMI exceeding 31, you are classified as obese. You as pregnant mother have to keep an eye on your weight as well as plan to reduce your weight till newborn is born. Any extra weight may lead to risk your health as well as baby life/health. May many complication arises such as diabetes and preeclampsia PE (Preeclampsia is term as disorder of pregnancy which characterized by high blood pressure and a large amount of protein excreted in the urine. The disorder usually occurs in 3rd trimester).

As mother during your entire pregnancy you have to work seriously to reduce and avoid the risk of these above mentioned health problems by managing your right weight.

This can be achieved by eating healthy and balance food in well planned manner with following strict discipline.  As a mother you have to manage and watch your weight. This will result in, you will fully enjoy the entire pregnancy that means all three trimester which of 37-40weeks.

By taking balance and healthy diet you are cutting out food which are rich in sugar and fat.

As per USA or European guidelines mother whose BMI 30 or more she should put on weight between 5kg to 9kg. If mother maintain weight during pregnancy it is good for both or if even she loses weight it is not harmful at all.

Important: During entire pregnancy it is advisable to visit your doctor or gynecologist on monthly basis or whenever it is advised by your doctor to come for checkup and record progress during entire pregnancy.


Written by Mahmood Hussain for Baby First Pakistan 15 April 2016


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